Central Switzerland

Are you looking for real pleasure on your holiday, do you want an active break from everyday life, in unspoilt nature, and do you love the unfamiliar? The Lucerne – Lake Lucerne Region with its unique landscape offers countless options for excursions in summer and in winter. Many Camping sites are located directly by lakes or in the middle of idyllic mountain scenery. Discover lovely lakes, enchanted castles and first-class cuisine or the unique flora and fauna of the UNESCO Entlebuch Biosphere.Lucerne is the starting point for the Region and offers a wide range of attractions to discover: centuries-old sights such as the Chapel Bridge, the Lion Monument and the historic Old City. The abundance of excursion destinations just a short trip away from Lucerne and the selection of means of transport such as steamboats, railways, post vans and cogwheel and cable railways are unique.


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The region of Zug is surprisingly attractive. With first-class travel connections and a unique blend of urban life and nature, Zug has rightfully drawn the attention of the international business world. It’s not only a great place to live with its sunset, cherries and two beautiful lakes, but visitors are quickly feel welcomed here. Of the many reasons that the area is so attractive, we have selected eleven. 11 convincing reasons for Zug.


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Canton Schwyz

The authentic Schwyz experience world at the heart of Switzerland presents the very best of nature, adventure, culture and history: from the primitive Muotathal valley to the monastery of Einsiedeln and the Swiss Knife Valley Visitor’s Center.Wildly romantic nature and indigenous culture best describe the Muotathal valley: famous for the largest primeval spruce forest in Europe, the karst Hölloch cave system and its weather prophets. And visitors discover even more natural pleasures on the Rigi - where attractive hiking trails bid breathtaking panoramic views both in summer and winter.



Tourist Office Einsiedeln

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Probably no other region in Switzerland unites in location and surroundings such a wealth of great and primeval scenic charms as the holiday region Mythen. How truly dreams they have become lie there, all the contemporary witnesses of the origin of Switzerland. The magnificent alpine scenery from Lake Lucerne to Rothenthurm moor and from the Urmiberg to the two Mythen are the ideal starting point for unique nature experiences on the lake and in the mountains. Let this cultural and historical diversity inspire you for countless adventure. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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Mount Rigi Region

Say goodbye to the ordinary, and hello to the Mount Rigi experience. Located at the heart of Central Switzerland, Mount Rigi is perfectly accessible from all four points of the compass. Countless restaurants, hotels and tour operators cater to the Queen of the Mountains. And our partner organizations in the communities down in the valleys and around the lakes throw in everything else to make your Mount Rigi outing complete. So how about combining your arrival on the mountain with a hearty brunch or an overnight stay in the area


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