The sunny south of Switzerland attracts lots of nature lovers, sportsmen and history enthusiasts. For many people there is nothing better than enjoying the great weather while hiking or just relaxing at or on the lake. But also the castles like those in Bellinzona attract many tourists day by day. By a visit of the Swissminiatur, also the younger visitors can feel once very adult, while the older ones can turn into children again in one of the adventure parks like the one on the Monte Tamaro.


With its lake and valleys, Lugano offers so many great reasons for a stay. Lugano owes much of its success as a tourist destination to its temperate climate, moderated by the presence of the lake, with mild winters and an abundance of sunny days. The landscape has not been spoilt by excessive urbanisation, and its natural blend of summits, mountain, valleys, hills and lowland makes Lugano a wonderful place in any season, offering a wide range of activities: mountain biking and mountain climbing, bathing in lakes and swimming pools, tennis or golf, sailing, windsurfing, water-skiing, walking through virtually unspoilt countryside and villages, as well as essential business and shopping. The region of Lugano Also offers many museums, a constant stream of concerts and events, and the opportunity to enjoy magnificent outdoor architecture.



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Recognised as both a family and wellness destination, Ascona-Locarno is the ideal place to spend time with your family relaxing in a fairy-tale ambience. With 1,400 km of trails to be covered on foot and routes to be tackled by MTB as well as 2,300 hours of sunshine a year, the region offers an unforgettable sporting experience in a landscape with breath-taking views. On rest days you can enjoy the vibrant charm of the lakeside resorts, restaurants and museums or join one of the main events such as JazzAscona, Moon&Stars or the Locarno Festival.


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Marvel at the majestic snow-capped peaks and the eternal snows of the north or follow the hiking paths which wind their way up and down the thickly forested mountainsides; soak up the sun or enjoy the shade of palm trees and dream of more exotic climes; sit by crystal clear alpine lakes or by lazy rivers winding their way across the busy valley floor. This part of Ticino is the most authentic because for centuries it played a vital role in history as a crossroads, at the very heart of Europe, for travellers, merchants and soldiers crossing the Alps over the St. Gotthard pass. The fortifications, which were once impregnable bastions and a defensive barrier against invaders from north of the Alps, are visible signs of this important role in the history of mankind.


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